What is a 3-Day SNF Waiver?

CMS requires that Medicare
Fee-For-Service beneficiaries are
admitted as inpatient status to a
hospital, for 3 midnights before
Medicare will cover a SNF admission.
  • This is known as the 3-Day Rule.
Certain MSSP ACOs, including Covenant ACO, can
transfer their patients to a SNF without the 3-day
inpatient hospital stay.

Patients can be transferred to a SNF

  • From home or from clinic
  • From the ED
  • From the hospital with less than a 3-day inpatient admission
  • From the hospital on observation status

Who is an MSSP Patient?

If a patient received the plurality of their of
primary care from our ACO providers, then
CMS assigned that patient to our ACO for the
2023 Performance Year. Plurality is based
on total cost of primary care services, not
number of visits.